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Welcome to Tom’s Live Dials

  • Listen in as Tom makes live dials with real prospects on the phone.  
  • Learn exactly what he says to prospects to get them to open up, tell their stories, and become interested in the home business he offers.
  • Listen to the subtle (and not so subtle) nuances with his voice and the things he says to convert prospects to business partners.  
  • Discover how he can quickly qualify and disqualify prospects for his business.
  1. Live Dial 1 Tom Challan
  2. Live Dial 2 Tom Challan
  3. Live Dial 3 Tom Challan
  4. Live Dial 4 Tom Challan
  5. Live Dial 5 Tom Challan
  6. Live Dial 6 Tom Challan
  7. Live Dial 7 Tom Challan
  8. Live Dial 8 Tom Challan
  9. Live Dial 9 Tom Challan