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This LIVE Sponsoring Academy is a 4 part coaching series for serious business builders who want to get to the next level by using time-tested, proven, and strategic coaching that allows you to make more money WITHOUT investing more time.


This 4 part coaching course help you go from where you’re at in your potential to really understanding how to enroll the most amount of people that is possible for you.

Some people enroll 3-5 in a year, but what you can do in a year is possible in a month and I have many clients who have even collapsed those same results down to a week.
I’m going to personally walk you through how to get people to actually SHOW UP when you send them to your presentation and get them to say “Yes” WITHOUT pitching, pushing, or being salesy.
Make sure you register today and take your business to the next level, get more focus and to a higher level of performance than you ever thought was possible.


Course Schedule:

DATES: July 12th, 19th, 24th, & 26th 
TIME: 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern
Live Call Access:

PHONE: (425) 440-5010
PIN: 832004#


You also have the option of attending the audio webcast in listen only mode for each of the sessions:

Session 1: Click here to Access
Session 2: Click here to Access
Session 3: Click here to Access
Session 4: Click here to Access


As a free bonus with the Sponsoring Academy, here is the 3 Step Map PDF to help you grow your business.

Download the 3 Step Map here:


What is a “Sponsoring Academy”?

My passion for creating the Live Sponsoring Academy was birthed out of the #1 question people had when joining a Home Business OR after getting a little “beat up” and hitting a plateau in their business.


That question was this: How do I make more money WITHOUT investing more time?”


The answer is simple… though you may not like it.


Are you ready? Here it is…


Get great at RECRUITING!


Recruiting is the lifeblood of ANY business. Whether you’re “recruiting” new customers or new business builders, all you have to do is get great at a simple 3-Step process that I will teach you…


And here’s some good news… this is a skill set that ANYONE can learn.


Trust me, if I can do it (someone who graduated high school with a 2.0 GPA and never attended college other than 1 year to play football…) YOU CAN TOO!


  • Do you fear talking to people about your business?
  • Do you consistently get excuses and objections from your prospects?
  • Do you know exactly how to help a new member make money immediately?
  • Do you work too many hours without seeing results?


If you can relate to any of these questions, then Sponsoring Academy is what is going to help you with the ingredients you need to have a breakthrough!


I know how to help you improve your skill level in order to prospect and qualify more people, recruit more, duplicate more… and increase your income… online and offline!


I will share the exact step-by-step approach I used to personally recruit 500 people in one year that duplicated to over 40‚000 people in less than 2 years! (My bank account also coincidentally went from -$400 in December to earning $11‚240 in January and more than $211‚000 for the year!)


This Course Will Help You:


  • Become an effective recruiting MACHINE that makes more money without more time invested.
  • Learn leverage phrases that get people off the fence and puts them into action. (Oh‚ by the way‚ most people are on the fence!)
  • Build a team of top recruiters with wild duplication
  • Avoid excuses or objections from your prospects
  • Crush fear and build confidence and posture to the point where you know you can enroll almost anyone you want to enroll
  • Increase the number of qualified prospects you talk to, and decrease the time wasters

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