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I know from extreme experience what it’s like to struggle as a confused, burnt out workaholic who’s lost sight of priorities.


In fact, my wife Kim and I LOST EVERYTHING


A few days before Christmas in 2003, we heard a loud crash in our driveway. My heart sank into my chest knowing what it was. I felt a tug at my shirt; it was my oldest daughter, who was only four-years-old at the time. I looked into her eyes as she asked,




It was this moment that made me realize that I had to overcome my FEAR AND EXCUSES.


This crucial turning point is what helped me create a simple system that allowed me to personally enroll 500 people in one year.


I was enrolling 1-3 people per day – on part time hours!


My team duplicated to over 40,000 people the following year, I became the number 1 income earner in my company, and many of the people on my team also become top earners.


If there’s ONE thing I know and ONE mission we’re on, it’s teaching others how to leverage that same exact simple system and build a lasting business while keep your priorities in order so you can have a life!


This is the system I’m going to show you at Priority Networker LIVE and key piece of the puzzle you need if you want to learn how to create wealth without sacrificing your priorities.

You’re Just One Breakthrough Away… Discover ‘Your’ Breakthrough At Priority Leadership Summit!


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