“Best of” Sponsoring Academy

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Welcome to the “Best of” Sponsoring Academy!

  1. 1. Foundation Call Tom Challan 70 min
  2. 2. The Expansion Leader Mindset Tom Challan 3 min
  3. 3. Role Play: Connecting and Sending to a Presentation Tom Challan 48 min
  4. 4. How to Connect With Someone You Haven’t Seen in Years Tom Challan 16 min
  5. 5. Role Play: Connect and Send to a Simple Message Tom Challan 33 min
  6. 6. The 7 Step Close Tom Challan 40 min
  7. 7. Role Play: Follow Up and Close Tom Challan 38 min
  8. 8. Role Play: What to Say After Prospects Has been To Presentation Tom Challan 29 min
  9. 9. How To Start Your Brand New Business Builder with a Business Focus Tom Challan 14 min
  10. 10. Role Play: The Process of Getting Someone Started Tom Challan 29 min

This course is broken up into 3 Modules to help you develop your recruiting skills:


  1. Foundation
  2. Connect & Share
  3. Follow Up & Start


The “Best of” Sponsoring Academy is built on the 3 Step Map and we highly recommend that you go through the 3 Step Map Academy to get the most out of this course. If you do not have the 3 Step Map Academy then contact us at support@priorityteam.com today!