Accountability Group September 2017

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WHAT’S YOUR WHY (Post in Facebook community)

Take some time and write out WHY are you here? WHY are you committing to spend 30 days? WHY are you doing your home business. GO DEEP. This is what will DRIVE YOU when you’re having a hard day and “feel” like it’s not worth it…because we all have those days.



GOALS (Submit One Time to Tom)

Be sure to submit your Goals to Tom so he can review them. This is a snapshot of where you are and where you want to go!




WEEKLY Numbers:

Submit your numbers for the prior week to Tom by Monday 9pm PST so he has them to go over on your Tuesday call. *Weekly submission is Mandatory. Daily is recommended.



Submit your DAILY SPROUTS:

Sprouts are things that are happening that are POSITIVE throughout your day. Examples can be a mindset sprout, a breakthrough you had or a customer or business builder you enrolled!


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